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Know what is even prettier than a beautiful home? A sustainable one.

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Bringing you some sustainable home facts today, with a focus on clean drinking water – something we take for granted all too often! How many times per day do you use water? Think about it, and I bet the results would surprise you.

Now, if you consider all of the times water is consumed in your home throughout the day, you would be surprised as well. After all, the body is made up of about 60% water – don’t you want it to be the cleanest, most pure water you can find for yourself and your family?

Did you know the acceptable level of arsenic in your tap water is 10 ppb (parts per billion), per the EPA? Yes, that arsenic – you know, the kind that can poison you! GROSS.

A little about arsenic: it is a naturally occurring matter that does not dissolve into water when filtered through things like a Brita filtration system or water softener like other elements. Instead, it takes a little more effort to remove it from your water. However, there is some good news!

There are many ways you can lower your arsenic levels to at, or even far below, the “acceptable” level. You can look into things like a reverse osmosis (RO) system or various absorption filters. RO systems are available in varying sizes and price points, from small under the sink units for a couple hundred dollars (like this one from The Home Depot, $199) to full house systems that run $1,000 or more, depending on the size of your home, number of faucets, etc. RO is the water treatment industry’s leading cure for high arsenic levels in drinking water, as it has about a 90% reduction removal rate (Aqua Pure Filters, 2022 – more here).

Luckily, various other (often less expensive) water treatment systems filter out at least some of the arsenic and will leave you with a legally acceptable level after use. Activated carbon filters and absorption filters often remove over 40% of the existing level of arsenic. depending on the type of system and pre-treatment levels. You can find filters with activated carbon across all price points, from an upgraded refrigerator water filter to a ZeroWater 12-cup unit that remove a whopping 93% of arsenic from the water run through its filtration system. Though RO is touted as the industry standard in arsenic removal, activated charcoal is an economical substitute, as well!

While there are many other chemicals and mineral elements in water that pose health issues to consumers, it is important to note that there are various studies citing the neurological consequences of arsenic exposure. Do yourself a favor and access “Google Scholar” just to find a few, if you ever feel drawn to do some light and nerdy reading! Many of the arsenic removing filters are also all-stars at removing lead, fluoride, and other contaminants, too! I call that a “win!”

While I’m no water purification expert, I have a passion for a well-designed and healthy home, and pledge to always share my findings with you! Clean drinking water is something we all too often take for granted, and it’s time we start realizing the benefits, as many are not afforded the opportunity.

(Please note: I have no affiliation with the links above, and do not receive compensation for linking any of their products in my blog posts!)

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